Like anyone else in this world, it’s been a long journey to get where I am today. The way I have viewed my body has sometimes been so unhealthy, I’m surprised I survived. People began commenting on my thin frame when I was only six or seven years old, grabbing parts of my body without consent to emphasize how shocked they were at my metabolism.

How many humans are subjected to this kind of experience? Maybe a strange man came up to you one day and told you that you’d look prettier if you lost ten pounds. Maybe your mother mentioned how your jeans are tighter and that ‘if you don’t lose weight, you’ll never get a boyfriend.’ And body hair? Don’t let society see you with hair in your pits, it’s just not “lady like.” What if you have dysphoria and struggle to love the body you don’t feel is quite yours and people insist on misgendering you?

I betcha, if I asked you right now what you hate about yourself, you could answer in an instant. Butt, lips, thighs, tiger stripes, your feet, etc.

What if I asked you what you love about yourself? A little bit slower to respond, perhaps?

Now imagine going your whole life, hating your body. Constantly at war with it, an adversarial relationship with the only meat suit you’ll ever be given. But you know one of the first ways you can help smash the patriarchy?

By loving the hell out of yourself. 

Boudoir is a fantastic first step (or wherever you are on your journey) into loving yourself. It’s raw, it’s intimate and I enjoy nothing more than making a space for that. Giving your fears space, to look them in the eye and flip them the bird. Often, we struggle to move forward because we haven’t given our fears and insecurities space to exist and wear themselves out.

Today is that day, gorgeous. You deserve this. We ALL deserve to love ourselves. It’s time to rise up and give the various beauty industries a big “fuck you.” It’s time to realize your butt dimples are no different than a leopard’s spots. It’s time to realize your stretch marks are only tiger stripes.

You’re an incredible spark of energy. Isn’t it time to be what you were meant for? 

Boudoir Deets

Boudoir sessions begin at $650 plus tax and include makeup, up to 90 minutes shooting, up to three looks, as well as six thick metallic-style prints in a keepsake box. You also receive a $100 print credit! Delivery of items may take up to three weeks after you have chosen your images!

This is perfect as a gift for yourself or your partner! Fantastic for anniversaries, birthdays and weddings!

We are 100% inclusive. We serve all body types, personality, insecurities, identities and orientations. We are familiar with kink as well. All vulva and penis owners welcome.