I’m simply the best Austin LGBT Photographer, so you kinda sorta

(but not really but hopefully) have to hire me!

Fact: I am a white cis woman. The privileges provided to me by things I was merely born with haven’t always been appreciated or even used with the power it provides. White cis women have been changing the face of our culture for decades, inadvertently opening the doors for minorities across the board. Me? I’ve never burned a bra (although I loathe wearing them and believe that showing nipples only helps support the idea that the female body should be free) and I’ve only protested once or twice. However, I digress.

My point is that the only worry I have when I go to a club is if I’m going to get roofied. While this is a massive fear and justified, I never have to worry about someone trying to kill me because I want to make out with a girl. I’ve never had the loathsome word, “FAGGOT!” hurled at me like a verbal bomb, the fallout lasting much longer than a fifteen second altercation with a homophobic loser.

Waking up to learn about Orlando…my heart is so fucking heavy that it would sink faster than the Titanic. My LGBT community, a community I’m a staunch ally for, was personally attacked by a dangerous and armed hater. This was a hate crime, of epic proportions. Reading the last texts sent by victims, reading about the heroes that helped…I sobbed in my car, in my apartment, even trying to discuss it. One second, people are dancing, drinking, most likely discussing some gossip or checking out the cute person in the corner. The next second, they’re fucking dead, shot in the chest, dying filled with confusion and agony.

I like to keep this blog light and entertaining, but since a good percentage of my clients are LGBT, I want you to know that I support you. I love you. I’m too far to give blood, too far to provide food or car rides, to give a shoulder to cry on. However, I can create a safe space. I can somehow use my white privilege for good. I will refuse to do business with homophobic assholes. I will refuse to be friends with people who don’t support equality. We as a whole need to stand up and say, “this isn’t okay.” Fuck supporting “different opinions.” A different opinion is, “I hate chocolate cake but I love you still if you eat it.” A different opinion is, “I’m a republican, you’re a democrat. Let’s grab a drink and just talk about shoes.” It is not a different opinion by saying, “I think gays deserved this because their lifestyle is sinful.” A different opinion isn’t, “They chose this lifestyle, so they don’t deserve equality under the law.”

We need to make this an unwelcoming society for homophobic assholes. We need to make this an unwelcoming society for people who don’t support equality, for any race, size, age or gender. You bleed red like me. You crave a good dessert like I do. You crave a fulfilled life just like anyone else on this damn planet. You DESERVE RESPECT.

I now need to head back to my fourteen hour work day, but I wanted to just take a moment to share my support and dedication to humans. I believe everyone deserves love. I still struggle to read about the victims, especially their families that had to wait over a day to find out if their loved ones were dead. Hug a stranger today. Make longer eye contact to show you care. Give someone a high five.

Be the change you want to see in this world.

Austin LGBT Photographer