In LOVE with this Inspired Oaks Wedding!

Can you see all of the Harry Potter details?

So this Inspired Oaks wedding…was just a delight. I was fresh off basically two months to myself. I wish I could say I used those months productively, like actually ENJOYING summer. Alas, it was spent learning that I can’t eat dairy. It’s been a two and a half year journey to get to this point, but the simple fact is that *I can’t eat dairy anymore.* Turns out it gives me anxiety, depression, inflammation, mood swings and freakin’ ACNE. It was the reason for my cystic acne in my twenties. UGH.

Aside from slowly starving to death because nothing is satisfying anymore (I miss you Queso), the good news is that now that I’m removing cheese from my life…I have more energy. I can focus more. I sleep better. It’s pretty damn insane. My productivity levels are at an all time high.

It’s October now and it’s finally busy season again. The funny thing is, when I saw my schedule getting too insane this season, I stopped booking. I wanted to take time for myself, to take care of myself. I didn’t do it this past summer and it was a wreck. So now I’m making hot baths and reading more books. I actually just finished reading The Girl Before. Apparently it’s going to be a movie soon, so jump on that. I’m excited to see it on the big screen!

Back to the wedding! So first off, I stepped on a cactus. I’ve never done that before. But before I sideswiped some needles, let’s chat about how FILLED with Harry Potter and The Beatles this wedding was. They even sang, “All you need is love” as a part of the ceremony. The guests made a circle around Caryn and Matt during the vows and kiss. The food was TACOS. The ranch was quiet and serene. It was, simply put, a stunning gorgeous wedding. And I love all of the tiny Harry Potter details. And since I’m die-hard HP, you KNOW I squeed.


Venue: Inspiring Oaks Ranch
Hair and Makeup: Lustre Bella
Bouquets and Flowers: Bloom and Bud
Caricature lady: Silly Artist
Tacos: Urban Cowboy
Rentals: Premiere Events

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