2020 has passed by in a blink of an eye. I mean, sure, it’s only March but how did we get here?! Well, I’ve been doing three masters classes, so every day is drudgery that is exhausting. However, I’m LOVIN’ the classes. I’ve learned so much in these three classes and was even able to write FIVE short stories since January. This summer, I’m going to focus on submitting them. I have no clue whether or not they will get published but the fun thing of one of my classes is reading how often some of the most famous works have been rejected. If you’ve never read the rejection letter about A Clockwork Orange…you should. It made me laugh. I’m enjoying growing as a writer and fingers crossed, this really is the path towards becoming a professional published author!

Back in January though, when life was more simple, I flew out to Florida again for one of my favorite clients! You might recognize them from my trip to Disney in August. I’ve been working with this family for five years now, watching their girls grow up. This time, I stayed with them for a couple days and went to Seaworld with them. Allie and I are basically besties. It was such an honor, it’s always an honor. I hope to see them again soon!

Fingers crossed my masters finishes as quickly as possible. Until then, enjoy these images!